How We Do It

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Plan of Action

From Analysis to Value

Every project here at FONO starts with an ANALYSIS. We ask questions to establish our customers' expectations, intentions, goals and overall purpose.

Next comes extensive RESEARCH. We dig deep, search wide, gather data, and discuss intensively over coffee. All this engaging activity unavoidably leads towards an assorted IDEA POOL. We then zoom out to gain an informative overview, to sort out, develop and carve structures from these ideas into more precise and reasonable CONCEPTS in order to build a comprehensive STRATEGY.

It requires a great deal of INNOVATION and sometimes even INVENTION to DEVELOP the best strategy.

There are certain crucial, nevertheless often underrated and overlooked, aspects that we keep firmly in our minds during all stages of product development: FUNCTION and USABILITY. For it is not only impressive AESTHETICS that great design is all about. A great deal of OPTIMIZATION is needed to achieve truly SOPHISTICATED results with an impressive VALUE for our customers.

Graphics & Branding

Build your brand with acclaimed branding and corporate identity specialists! We'll help it flourish and thrive. Use our 30+ years of combined experience mastering image and emotion.

We excel at complex and demanding communication projects. Be it an exquisite advertising campaign, a formal annual report, a highly illustrated book, a streamlined corporate newsletter or a simple brochure, a major newspaper redesign, a magazine layout or a poster—we at FONO are at your disposal.

Nurturing typography, style and proportion in any editorial design with rigorous attention to detail is our passion. We are eager to share
this with you.

Product Design

Our focused approach begins with a functional analysis, tackling the realms of usability and ergonomics. From here we distill a conceptualization towards a streamlined image, a clean form, a no-nonsense style, which promotes an exceptional sensory experience.

Great design is functional design with a distinctive look. It is intended for the real world, but suitable for a museum.

Product & Corporate Photography

We offer a complete set of production services, starting with location scouting, model-casting, make-up, and set-up, followed by creative directing, photo shoots, competent photo editing and finishing with meticulous post-processing custom tailored for a particular look and media.

We use only state-of-the-art gear, cutting edge software, and the brightest talent. Our goal is to produce an impeccable image. Call us.

Choose a holistic 'a to z' approach suitable for an end customer or a segmented / focussed / selective approach, appropriate for an outsourcing 'middleman' agency. Or vice versa. Contact us for advice.

Business to Business Magic

We are looking for partner agencies seeking to outsource their non-characteristic duties to us. Outsourcing a bulk of non-essential tasks to a specialist like FONO frees up your resources, adds quality and insight, and diminishes your workload.

We have an endorsed record of productive cooperation with renowned PR bureaus, advertising agencies, web development firms, programming companies, etc.

Let's get in touch for potential long-term mutual benefits. We are friendly, open minded and dependable.