Commissioned by the Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, this publication officially represents the country of Lithuania and is presented as a gift of the country to diplomatic visitors, heads of state, and other dignitaries.

Concept: 'Lithuania's essence is best reflected by its citizens themselves'. Therefore, Lithuania's success story is the success story of its people.

The book has 6 parts: politics, economy, culture, information society, sports, and tourism. Each part contains an essay written by a renowned local author.

The graphical concept of the book is best described as 'harmony of modernity and tradition'. Classic proportions and layout principles here peacefully coexist along the most modern polygraphic printing technology, thus providing a fresh look at the country while maintaining respect  to its heritage.

Layout considerations

The size of the book is 21x34 cm -- Fibonacci numbers, corresponding to medieval typography's popular 'golden section' ratio. Later in Europe, during the renaissance period, even musical interval relationships based on their mathematical frequency ratios often found their way into typographical proportion considerations. Used as an element to bridge Lithuania's historical roots with the present, FONO draws on this tradition extensively here, providing a layout motif for the entire book which is founded in history.

One stylistic accent of the book incorporates a traditional rural Lithuanian ornament, used in traditional outfits, in ethnic hand-woven belts. This is seen embossed on the cover of the book using cutting-edge modern holographic tape.

This type of subtlety serves as an example of the great lengths FONO has gone to convey the essence of the concept.

Office of the Government
of the Republic of Lithuania


VRP | Hill&Knowlton


Lithuania: A Success Story

A book representing Lithuania

Fono turned out to be an outstanding partner. Their highly competent team of professional designers exhibited a focused approach and exemplary responsibility in every single project we realized. Their attention to detail is simply astonishing. I would especially like to single out Fono’s impressive ability to combine analytical mind-set with an 'out of the box' creative flexibility

— Mykolas Katkus, Chairman of the Board, VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies

design concept, art direction, layout, grid structure, typography